Where To Eat Outside Past 11pm

Remember the good ole days where our favorite restaurants stayed open at least until 1 am. That now has become a thing of the past due to restaurants having to close by 11 pm because of social distancing. However, there are still a few that stay open past 11 pm if you find yourself looking for a late-night snack or a drunken meal. Check out the list below:


The Commodore 

Open until 12 am

Williamsburg may not be as we remember it, but The Commodore is still a reliable spot if you ever find yourself needing comfort food. Stop by any day until midnight, and make sure you order the fried chicken sandwich.


Black Swan

Open until 12 am

If you are looking for some food to eat after a night of drinking, Black Swan never disappoints. Black Swan’s macaroni will fulfill all your drinking needs. Luckily, they offer outdoor seating every day until midnight.



Open until 12 am Monday-Friday and 2 am Saturday-Sunday

If you are looking for a place to go to hang out with a group of friends than Nowadays is your place. It is a huge outdoor space in Ridgewood that offers things like fried chicken sandwiches and spicy margaritas. The best part is they stay open until 12 am during the week and 2 am during the weekend.


Harlem Shake   

Open until 11 pm Monday-Friday and 2 am Saturday-Sunday

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to cheat on your diet or pig out on the weekend visit Harlem Shake. Their menu has everything from jerk fries to milkshakes and even frosé. Harlem Shake is open until 11 pm during the week but 2 am on the weekends.