Birthday Planning.

Planning the ideal birthday gathering can be overwhelming -- you want to find a restaurant with great food, be affordable enough for you & your guest, and in a great location. By using Table For Two birthday planning service all you’ll need to do is find a birthday outfit and show up, we’ll take care of everything for you that way you’ll be able to focus on what’s important...your birthday.

Please Note: We Are Not A Restaurant. Our Planning Services Are Not A Deposit Towards Your Birthday Dinner/Plans.

After your service fee is paid, start by writing the date/time, total number of guests, food preferences, your desired price per person, and preferred NYC neighborhood in the service note. Table For Two will then send you 3 personalized dining ideas including menus, the estimated price per person, cake cutting price (if you desire to bring a cake), and custom menu options.

Please leave your desired method of contact in the service note.

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